Tonnybon and Treats.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

thought of the moment.

They were in love.
that "I always ride..."
and if he die i'll kill type love.

i'm just lookin for it...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

untitled .oo7

his lies.
caused her tears.
cause my cries.
caused her pain.
caused my hate.
caused her strength.
caused my fight.
broke her heart
tore mine apart.

Friday, January 16, 2009


So i just realized.
Nothing I ever do is enough...

Monday, January 12, 2009

I need.

Love Peace Faith && Strength. <3

Sunday, January 11, 2009


"In the presence of God and these our friends;
I take thee to be my husband/wife.
Promising with Divine assistance...
to be unto thee a loving and faithful husband/wife.
So long as we BOTH shall live."
--and then he kissed the bride.
and everything was alright.
well for that day...
then he turned shife.
but she was pregnant.
no getting out; so she remembered her vows.
and looked up to the clouds.
and like thunder his fist came down.
and her tears poured out.
hurt once again the water broke free.
a miscarriage; the child came out to early.
and the abuse continued.
and her baby was gone.
cause his abuse was too strong.
and she was to young.
"married and in love"
two more kids.
first a girl then a boy.
and i watched as he made her his toy.
and i felt the hurt... and i saw the pain.
bruises on my mom.
in her eyes lied shame...
but she couldn't leave him.
we were his seed.
then she grew the courage.
to get up and leave.

--so one rainy day we packed our bags.
packed up all our shit and NEVER looked back.
and the cycle was done.
the hurt remained...
and like wine the pain stained.
my heart was damaged.
but the bruises; they vanished.
and she was beautiful again.
no sunglasses... just her beautiful skin.
but you can't be happy alone.
so a new one comes along
and she tries again.
and the bruises are back...
but this time it's not my dad.
so do i sit back and relax?

--and he has a future; so he can't do it.
thats my brother as if...
and i swear under my breath.
if another bruise appears it will be his death.
and it's all worth it.
cause thats my mom.
my bestfriend.
my sister.
my everything.
and if one more purple spot appears on her body.
you'll lay in a red one.

Monday, January 5, 2009

After the Hurricane.

--Just like a hurricane, the way you break
everything that comes in your way.
the way you broke my heart
now i'm left with the pain.
After the hurricane.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

No goodnight. No goodbye.

He slammed the door so hard the glass shattered.
and he didn't even turn around to say goodnight.

I can't even remember how it all started.
Maybe a he said she said.
Maybe it was an even an I saw, or what I thought I heard.
But none of that even mattered.
Cause he would scream...
Then I would scream...

So nothing was being solved.
I said I was tired of this.
He said he was tired of us.
then a tear fell from my eye.
cause I could feel the goodbye.

And he slammed the door so hard the glass shattered.
Not even a goodnight.

and I ran to my bedroom, and hit the floor.
tears rolled down my cheeks, until I couldn't breath.
This was all a misunderstanding, why'd I let him leave?
hmmm... so I put my pride aside and practiced...
practiced my apology.
33 times.
33 times I called his phone.
Maybe I should just leave him alone.
Maybe it was over for good.
Maybe I should just give it time.
Maybe I should hold on...
Maybe I should give up instead.
So many thoughts ran through the back of my head.

Then I finally got a call.
the number read 713 202 6748
so I dried my tears, and answered.
--Is this Mrs. Brown? Chris was in a severe
car accident, and he... he didn't make it.
We did all we could. I'm sorry.

I replied me too, and hung up.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you I love you as much as I should.
I'm sorry I let you leave.
I'm sorry I didn't look into your eyes every chance I could.
I'm sorry your not still here with me.

See he slammed the door so hard my heart shattered.
He didn't say goodnight.
And now I'll never get to say goodbye.

...this is old; i guess i just never posted it. but im bored so....

No goodnight. No goodbye.

preface? Maybe...

Heart broken... hmmm maybe broken hearted. Goofy, don't like it? Say good-bye. I'm used to it.
5"8 No butt, 32 D's. Slim waist, thick thighs...
"Four eyes", if it makes you happy.
I will be friendly. --but I DO NOT want to be your friend.
I do have a fuck it attitude. It's not my fault.
Show me your different, and i'll show you I can change.
Frequent headaches... when I'm quiet I'm usually thinking.
--Yes I think.
To all the muhhh fuckas who call me "dingy... ditz... prick" etc... I'm not stupid.
I got a mother... and a younger brother.
*Currently them two and God is all I need.
That is for all the dumb fe-males and males who don't understand. YOU ARE REPLACEABLE.
Yuppp, I'm Nigerian.
My name is An'tonia Olubusola Oluwakemi Odunsi.
please begin to hate. :)
Yes I wear deodorant.
I don't brush my teeth with a stick...
and I use toilet paper... for all you ignorant Muthaa fuckajbgkjnyjlkmS.
I was born August 9th 1990, In Dallas Texas.
No i'm not from Fuckin Oak Cliff.
My dream job would be to take pictures of whatever I wanted... and write. :) and get money.
My favorite color is black. Call me what you like.
8 piercings... 2 tats.

--Don't complain about any of the above.
because they are simply not going to change...
and hmmmm i've already heard the worst of what people have to say. :)