Tonnybon and Treats.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

No goodnight. No goodbye.

He slammed the door so hard the glass shattered.
and he didn't even turn around to say goodnight.

I can't even remember how it all started.
Maybe a he said she said.
Maybe it was an even an I saw, or what I thought I heard.
But none of that even mattered.
Cause he would scream...
Then I would scream...

So nothing was being solved.
I said I was tired of this.
He said he was tired of us.
then a tear fell from my eye.
cause I could feel the goodbye.

And he slammed the door so hard the glass shattered.
Not even a goodnight.

and I ran to my bedroom, and hit the floor.
tears rolled down my cheeks, until I couldn't breath.
This was all a misunderstanding, why'd I let him leave?
hmmm... so I put my pride aside and practiced...
practiced my apology.
33 times.
33 times I called his phone.
Maybe I should just leave him alone.
Maybe it was over for good.
Maybe I should just give it time.
Maybe I should hold on...
Maybe I should give up instead.
So many thoughts ran through the back of my head.

Then I finally got a call.
the number read 713 202 6748
so I dried my tears, and answered.
--Is this Mrs. Brown? Chris was in a severe
car accident, and he... he didn't make it.
We did all we could. I'm sorry.

I replied me too, and hung up.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you I love you as much as I should.
I'm sorry I let you leave.
I'm sorry I didn't look into your eyes every chance I could.
I'm sorry your not still here with me.

See he slammed the door so hard my heart shattered.
He didn't say goodnight.
And now I'll never get to say goodbye.

...this is old; i guess i just never posted it. but im bored so....