Tonnybon and Treats.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

boy with the turquoise hat.

You know that sting when the light hits your eyes in a dark room?
My heart gets that.
And that distince feeling I get when I'm around you?
I think they call 'em butterflies...
Yeah that's it.
See, you just have this thing about you.
And I don't mean to sound cliche...
Bu the sight of your smile betters my day.
That hersheys brown skin; ok I'm talking about your lips...
They melt my pain away.
At least in my dreams.
Cause reality sets in and you're still not mine.
And mentaly your stronger than me, so we may never work.
yeah we may never be.
So let me keep dreaming...
'cause for those 8 hours a day, I'm at peace.
I'm happy.
With you.