Tonnybon and Treats.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


"In the presence of God and these our friends;
I take thee to be my husband/wife.
Promising with Divine assistance...
to be unto thee a loving and faithful husband/wife.
So long as we BOTH shall live."
--and then he kissed the bride.
and everything was alright.
well for that day...
then he turned shife.
but she was pregnant.
no getting out; so she remembered her vows.
and looked up to the clouds.
and like thunder his fist came down.
and her tears poured out.
hurt once again the water broke free.
a miscarriage; the child came out to early.
and the abuse continued.
and her baby was gone.
cause his abuse was too strong.
and she was to young.
"married and in love"
two more kids.
first a girl then a boy.
and i watched as he made her his toy.
and i felt the hurt... and i saw the pain.
bruises on my mom.
in her eyes lied shame...
but she couldn't leave him.
we were his seed.
then she grew the courage.
to get up and leave.

--so one rainy day we packed our bags.
packed up all our shit and NEVER looked back.
and the cycle was done.
the hurt remained...
and like wine the pain stained.
my heart was damaged.
but the bruises; they vanished.
and she was beautiful again.
no sunglasses... just her beautiful skin.
but you can't be happy alone.
so a new one comes along
and she tries again.
and the bruises are back...
but this time it's not my dad.
so do i sit back and relax?

--and he has a future; so he can't do it.
thats my brother as if...
and i swear under my breath.
if another bruise appears it will be his death.
and it's all worth it.
cause thats my mom.
my bestfriend.
my sister.
my everything.
and if one more purple spot appears on her body.
you'll lay in a red one.