Tonnybon and Treats.

Friday, April 30, 2010

it's 6:30

the suns up... guess i'll go back to bed now.
stinky pickle breath && all.

i'm dehydrated like a muh'fucka.
oh, thank you apartment 3:15 (i shall blog about that later)
in what was less than a dream
i debated on whether or not I should
"quench my thirst"
...yeahh... i got my ass up.
infact i had a pickle && a half
&& two cups of water.
what a mid-night snack. :)



heading out.

no bra.
no shoes.

supposed to be at Shana's right now...

but i'm stuck like this. and my blatters about to explode. haha. listening to have you ever.

fuckery .
took forever for me to decide between cookies and cream or butter pecan because they didn't have the ice cream i wanted... i felt retarded going back && forth, reading ingredients for no reason and shit. movie time. xx

Thursday, April 29, 2010


your blog should only have one post, that reads: http://www.tonnybonandtreats.blogspot.com i mean, that's all it is anyways...

unthinkable .

#shoutout to @natnizzy I prolly wouldn't be blogging this month
if it wasn't for her. I'm glad I am though. It's quite therapeutic.
p e a c e.

where the fuck is kendra with my damn icecream? peasant.

on-line shopping shall be the death of me.
bout to go to the corner store && pick up some gummies.
then stop by winfrey's.
back home to watch the break-up until i doze off. :)

Oh, you would think my phone was on silent...

my eyes are burning. bad. i think they're punishing me for last three months tears. :/


he said his smoking weed habit only cost him about $1o.oo a day.

then i thought:
$1o.oo a day.
$7o.oo a week
$28o.oo a month

...&& you don't have a phone because? get your priorities together before you go broke over a smoke.
you're not my friend. but you come to my blog. in fact you live on my blog. i had a dream about you during my nap this afternoon. you burned. :)


really hope this shit aint expesive... cause I just came home && popped open a bottle.
my brothers baking cookies. betty crocker ass.
i'm tired. can't wait to head back to the apartment and take a nap.
Gave my presentation for WOST it went good... hell i hope.
gave three total strangers a ride today... I mean shit they were lost && it's hot outside.
I think i'll watch PeeWee till i doze off.

Nice Guys look.♥

i think i might run for mayor.

"If I was you I would take that girl by the hair && shake her like an etch-a-sketch." ♥

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

oneday .



"A little less than smoke, a little more than therapy. I keep the dreaux close to my heart; even though it's unhealthy."
-Bobby D. :)

She was caked up... all I had was a salad. xx

"Understand an artist... None of that i'm into fashion bull shit... Or that hippies for peace campaign. I mean ARTISTIC as in autistic... as in I know the words but somehow I can NOT get them out... My mind races triple the speed of my feet during hurdles at a track meet..."
-Bobby D.

twenty-two dollars in my pocket.

a debit card with the balance of $2.33
&& a Free Birds card...
and some how i'm $5o,ooo dollars in debt.
can i pay you in burrito?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My love was unbreakable so IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII broke instead.

&& not even the strongest superglue can fix this shit.

broken pieces don't always make one whole.

I apologize for not being broken in the correct places...
for having parts to small to fill you up.

oh fuckery.

sometimes i wish i could just burn my fucking bed... no matter how many times i wash my sheets the stain of what used to be lingers... i just may set that bitch on fire.
For me, rejection doesn’t come every weekend. It comes when you lower your head and pass by without speaking and I remember there was a time when you could barely take your eyes off me. I don’t understand why it’s not okay for you to love me.

we were never in love, just in season...

“Always guarded by signs that say, [No Trespassing] because you are past trusting now.”

-Alysia Harris

i can feel my heart beating with hers... crazy.

nose piercings are a piece of shit. halfway through my paper. pastabowl for dinner. outtawork on time monday. :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

i cried for you on the kitchen floor.
#now-playing Amy Winehouse...

i'm in the c-site... I should NOT have come here.
waaaay to many people.
sitting across from a fine brother. xx
he got a lazy eye...
&& a gap... i keep peeping through
the side of my computer.
red fitted...
haha, daddy can i wear your hat?
he's sitting with his girlfriend.

wait im back.
he's chewing his gum some kind of sexy.
this has to be a sin...
fuck i came to study.

registering for summer school.

two classes at UH
one at HCC.

recovering from a love I can't get over...

I'd lie for you i'd cry for you... and pop for you.
and break for you. and i'd hate for you...
and hate you too...
if you want me to.
...do what you want me to;
yes i'm a fool for you.


i am a recovering UNDERCOVER over lover.
...&& now he thinks he wants another

pain && rain for you.

thought i was through with you.
guess i'm a fool.
for you.

listen. re-play. xx

i refuse to waste my time to speak negative on anyone... so do not waste your time thinking i am.
peace. :]

Dinner Study Date with myself...♥

i thought.
i wrote.
i typed.
i teared.
did not cry.
i remembered.
i understood.
i started a journey...
give me a month.

listened to his thoughts as he sparked a blunt...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm a recovering undercover over-lover...

&& this process is long...
&& hard.
i might be mia for a while.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


"Back again, for some reason your i love you's have no effect on me. They did... but they don't. They did... For a split second... but now, they don't."

April 24 2010.
They did...

Guns&&Roses .

took this picture outside of FJH... xx

"i fucked up with you... so i made it work with her." "i fucked up with you... so i made it work with her." "i fucked up with you... so i made it work with her." "i fucked up with you... so i made it work with her." "i fucked up with you... so i made it work with her." "i fucked up with you... so i made it work with her."
it could all be so simple. the power of pride.
my thoughts can no longer be contained in my head... yet i cannot find the words to bring them to life. WTF is this?! someone make me a fucking beat.
actions speak way louder than words; should have treated me the way i deserved...xx

funny how this picture means so much...

to me .
there's a little knowledge between every i don't know...
a little curiosity between every just wondering...
and a little emotion behind every i don't care... xx


what a fucking statistic.

yeah.. i'm talking about you... BITCH.

everyone said you were no good...
damn, you proved them right.

"i know what we had is dead and old... too many times you made [me] cry; i just wonder do i ever cross your mind...?"


Love em...

Love em real hard,

but do that shit standing up...

don't you ever fall...

e v e r.
just made a chicken sandwich... with extra ranch.
three shots of bacardi.
&& a toblerone.
fuck it.
whaddup @natnizzy...?

Friday, April 23, 2010

broken hearts. broken windows. love && alcohol.

rat sized cockroaches. front flips. chocolate covered strawberries. dreadlocks. lovers. friends. pringles. peace. ♥

my home, my mommy.

it's crazy how when you're broke... && you're my friend you're not broke... but when i'm broke... well, i'm just broke. ...learning to change things.

at the museum.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"It's like you expected me to blow up... && even though I didn't, you still treated me like I did..."

Grey Goose.RedCups.Margaritas

y'all were so cute, why y'all break up?
cause he was suuuuuch a nigga... *hairflip*

Peace. <3

what i need to keep in mind...


why da FUCK did ur X leave u


lol what do you mean?


u lyke 2% away frum perfect


he didnt... i left him.

even the incredible hulk gets hurt...

everyone needs time to heal. xx

Wednesday, April 21, 2010