Tonnybon and Treats.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

&& it goes a lil su'in like this...

i allowed him to run off with half of me; so how can i offer only whats left to a whole man? I can't. So i don't. Piece coming soon. :)


it's only $18.95! for 88 colors. ooo i'm finna beast. :) Philip is getting it for me 4 my bday!!! it's ALOT bigger but the full picture wouldn't fit. stupid blog. :/
Peace. <3


Of course I can't sleep.
so I started going through old text.
1,175 text between me and one person.
and I read them all.
I make really STUPID decisions.
and let good things pass me by; cause I'm too
hurt to let them in.
I'm really glad I'm working on that.
even though I'm not halfway where I need to be.
reading those text made me wanttoalmostlikecry.
how can someone be soo devoted to me.
and I barely act like I care.
ugh, this pain I carry. Lord please take it away.
that wasn't the first time...
but I pray it's the last. :(
Peace. <3


Just friends.
my mind was making thoughts
out of nothing.
he's simply
just another beautiful friend.<3
though these friendships aren't simple...
nothing more.
hopefully nothing less.
now everything makes a little more sense.
I hope. :/
Peace. <3

"Mr. Of The Week"

Still haven't made my mind up about dude.
This week it's my older cousin... Philip Adesulu.<3

He's pretty AMAZING I love him. :)

Nigga "got some many horses bxtches call him polo..." lol. <3

Peace. <3

Bedroom Boom. <3

Peace. <3

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Chillin in the bed w/ my bboy stance. My PJ's on... butt naked no pants. I'm sick to death... I'm sick to death. :/
Hmmm... guess my body wasn't feelings that herbal shxt cause I woke up sick; then passed out. Now I'm chillin in my mommas bed in her huge pajamas unable to do shxt w/ my life. HELLO BUMMMM. I want to see dude. But I look like hell. I'm supposed to take my cousin to see the orphan but I feel like hell. Ugh freak mayne. I tried to make waffles. Thought I was better. I fell. These legs SUCK! My grandma made me twooo... I want eight more. That's all. Good DAY!
Peace. <3

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sippin Chinese Herbal Tea Like It's Normal...

my life.

i will now proceed to shit my pants; as if i'm 95. goodday.
Peace. <3

butt naked.


Peace. <3

The colors in the sky still couldn't match you.

Don't try this @ home. Driving && taking pictures isn't too safe. But the rainbow reminded me of you; so you know I had to do it. <3

Peace. <3

The day I missed the Orphan. :(

Peace. <3


In the car @ the bank waiting for my mom.
Yesterday was my old bff b-day, sarah. She turned nineteeeen.
On the way home from her get together I got pulled over.
Got a ticket.
My brothers car SUCKS! Pictures of my day coming late. ERRRR!
My moms so durrrn slow mayne. Going to sign the lease for my apartment
Today... if I ever leave the bank. Until then...
Peace. <3

Sunday, July 26, 2009


He made me another one. :)
He says "it's the balance between females && males; they're alike yet different" aha. deep!
...he's a weirdo.

Peace. <3

Saturday, July 25, 2009

sold out.

the movie was sold out. grr; whatever came home && recorded y'all a video. :)

please excuse the boobs; i really didn't want to re-record it. :( xoxo. Peace<3

Yellow birds; No sunshine.

Going to see The Orphan w/ the bestie tonight. <3 Scared.Nervous.&&Excited.


Sure looks good to me.

Peace. <3

Friday, July 24, 2009


Took my grandma shopping. We RANDOMLY stopped @ TJMAXX... one of the cashiers was beautiful! && he checked me out. So tempted to call tjmaxx and find out what his name is. :( grrr. Only if I was crazy! Sniff sniff tear oh well. :/
Peace. <3


"Spent half my day w/ dude doing nothing; and i'm still satisfied. This makes NO sense."

p.s since i was w/ him i didn't really have time to update; well i did. but i didn't have my laptop. lol I wrote a "poem" in the shower... once i get some pictures that somewhat match i'll put it up! :) oh && once i again i didn't have my camera; all phone pictures. bare w/ me people. :(

Peace. <3

Thursday, July 23, 2009

now lying naked.

Grr. Hot showers make me sick. Being anemic is a bxtch.
P. E. A. C. E.

Check her out


aha; get your dose of R U M C O N F E T T I
Peace. <3

and all he ever says....

Is it's too soon. :/
I asked him to make me a painting and he did. Ya'ay!!! :)
Peace. <3

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

kjghjyfvgdbhghasfggahdfg. :)


Peace. <3

ACMOALZOIRNSG<---amazing colors. :)

umm. brilliant. Onaome put me on game maynee.
Peace. <3

I'm on the phone with him.

He's spazzingg... someone sock it to him already! <3
Peace. <3

That today was two days ago.

Today was the first time I had thoughts of you; as in us. I got SOOO scared... it didn't even make sense. This doesn't make sense. The male species makes me want to puke; and that's not the feeling my stomach gets when i'm around you. THIS IS ALL WRONG! Grrr. "We were never meant to be; baby it just happened... or it's happening? So please don't mess up the trick."
Peace. <3

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Secret Ingredient.

I put crack in my brownies; or well @ least they taste like i do. :)

Putting the crack brownies aside... I went to some Chinese restaurant with the parentals. It was horrible. Never go. It was Fung's Kitchen or something.

*I'm not gonna lie; that crab kinda looks pretty... but to look @ not to eat.* Silly me, I forgot to take my camera with me so I used my phone && I have a G1 so the quality is not that good. BUT they rolled out a live crab && lobster to us. The lobster cost $16o.oo && the "Alaskan Crab" cost $21o.oo idk WHAT they got going on over there but NEVER again. I did eat their rice which wasn't that bad... but I didn't taste anything else. I mean they put the head right in the middle of the table. UGH i wanted to cry. :/ but my parents && grandma looked satisfied. I'm also pretty sure I saw every asian doctor && dentist in houston there.

FORTUNE: a new adventure awaits you this weekend,-- i'm excited! lol... You were born to be a leader not a follower -- that i am. :) Know and believe in yourself, && what others think won't disturb you -- it already doesn't pimpin, :) YES i ate three fortune cookies... shidd it was practically the only thing i wanted to eat. :/

Peace. <3