Tonnybon and Treats.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

preface? Maybe...

Heart broken... hmmm maybe broken hearted. Goofy, don't like it? Say good-bye. I'm used to it.
5"8 No butt, 32 D's. Slim waist, thick thighs...
"Four eyes", if it makes you happy.
I will be friendly. --but I DO NOT want to be your friend.
I do have a fuck it attitude. It's not my fault.
Show me your different, and i'll show you I can change.
Frequent headaches... when I'm quiet I'm usually thinking.
--Yes I think.
To all the muhhh fuckas who call me "dingy... ditz... prick" etc... I'm not stupid.
I got a mother... and a younger brother.
*Currently them two and God is all I need.
That is for all the dumb fe-males and males who don't understand. YOU ARE REPLACEABLE.
Yuppp, I'm Nigerian.
My name is An'tonia Olubusola Oluwakemi Odunsi.
please begin to hate. :)
Yes I wear deodorant.
I don't brush my teeth with a stick...
and I use toilet paper... for all you ignorant Muthaa fuckajbgkjnyjlkmS.
I was born August 9th 1990, In Dallas Texas.
No i'm not from Fuckin Oak Cliff.
My dream job would be to take pictures of whatever I wanted... and write. :) and get money.
My favorite color is black. Call me what you like.
8 piercings... 2 tats.

--Don't complain about any of the above.
because they are simply not going to change...
and hmmmm i've already heard the worst of what people have to say. :)