Tonnybon and Treats.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


He lives on the corner of Saturn
&& Jupiter he gives me butterflies
and my heart flies to Mars. <3

Thursday, December 11, 2008


He says i'm bragging that i'm "over" him.
I'm just happy that my heart didn't win.
Sometimes with love you do crazy things...
and i fell
and just kept falling.
with no one to catch me
no one to hold me
no one to rescue this broken heart.
I should have known from the start.
Cause he was my smile...
he was my frown; never make a dude your "everything"
because when they're gone your left with nothing.
but i'm left with no regrets.
he was the lighter to my cigarette
so i went ahead and got a Nicotine patch
recoverd my heart; and tightened the latch. :)

hahaha i wrote this in like 5 seconds, just had to get my feelings out. :)
--maybe i'll make it real later.

You don't know me... her.

They throw up every "gang" sign possible
and rep how "hood" they are
yet they still don't know the struggle just to get by...

you judge her.
call her "rich."
and you dont even know her battle
mentally or physically.

walk a mile in her shoes.
and see her pain
mattafact walk a couple steps...
she'll be ready
--when you give up.

Friday, December 5, 2008


I place the two together
and let them interlock
get on my knees
and open my mouth to talk.
but the words don't come out
and my eyes begin to "shout"
the power overwhelms
and He takes me to another realm.
-- i don't speak a single word
yet all my prayers were heard.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Untitled .oo6

She lie there shaking
from her overdose on cocaine
her life was too hard
so she couldn't take the pain
she snorted up the white drug
and relaxed; as her nose stung.
tears poured from her eyes

--a reflection of her heart
she steadily grabbed the knife
and slowly began to carve
she carved love
she carved hate
and in the middle was his name
on the floor was a blood stain...
her eyes had ran out of tears
so her extraction was the substitute
the hurt was more than she could bare
she needed something else to do

flash backs of him raping her
was slowly killing her
so she decided to finish off the job...
went in her drawer and reached for her glock
ice cold to her finger tips
warm liquids flushed her face
as she slowly parted her lips
pushed the weapon in
and put her life to an end

but the cycle wasn't broken
she was loved though it was unspoken
and at the sight of her death
her sister took her last breath
with the same apparatus
and their moms heart was damaged
so she took a rope and ended it
but the cycle was still just beginning...

She wasn't her...

The earthquake hit her heart.
and it was torn into pieces.
her love dissappears
as her hate increases...
she was left with a scar.
her emotions were torn apart.
she vowed to keep her heart away
as she learned how to "play the game"

her hurt retreated
so she defeated
the undefeated
she cheated
then beat it.
got another dude
and reapeat it.

then she changed;
cause you came along

--and your kindness
healed the contusion
patched up her hurt
and erased the confusion
removed her insecurities
and filled the missing pieces

you were her
--comfort zone
with you she...
--never felt alone

the other girl
which wasn't she
came back
&& re-captured your heart
and the pain deepend the cracks
and now i... i mean she
is right back
to where she used to be

not weak and confused
but torn and re-bruised

this is old too. december 2nd. just never posted cause it sucks.