Tonnybon and Treats.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

friend since sixth grade.♥

ashley cotner.

Lizzie McGuire is on...

I haven't watched this in forever!

lmao. 2 cute.

Peace. <3
So the volume is not working on my computer?!
im sleepy. i'll deal with it after court tomorrow...
Peace. <3

Peace. <3

Today I made myself some cereal for breakfast. Without thinking, I poured the milk in first and panicked. Then I noticed that you're still able to pour the cereal in after.

...and this

but i'm scared...

i want a ♥ like this

i want a ♥ like this.

Peace. <3

omggg. i love this!

Peace. <3

i love snakes.

blood makes me cringe.
p.s my major is nursing.
whatever sense that makes.

Peace. <3

&& i'd wear them w/ this. :)

Peace. <3

i want them.

p.s shout out to elizabeth! :) she bought me a "blogging" shirt... i'll make a blog && put up pics as soon as i wear it. Thank you girl! ily.♥
Peace. <3

Monday, September 28, 2009

eye heer yohrr murmurs hunnee.

eye aaint deff.
ahr maybee theese noyses.
ahr juss een mie hehd.
Peace. <3

in the c-site

getting this work done.
essay due tomorrow.
ilyyyyy. :)
xoxo. -an'tonia
Peace. <3

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm having night mares...

from sleeping with the enemy.
how do we reverse the chemistry?
i don't want us to be the enemy.
this love is taking all of my

Peace. <3

Before I met you...

my nights were just fine;;
now i'm sittin here losin my mind.

my nights were just fine;;
now i'm sittin here losin my mind.

Peace. <3

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I fell hard once...

promised to never fall again...

almost tripped this time.

till i caught my self slippin.

I hate Drakes forever video. like what the freak?! who does your shit. i love eminem. good day.
Peace. <3

Trapped in a world, where I don't belong.

Peace. <3
and all of this for a nigga
who is just avergae;;
doing average nigga shit.
like talkin out the side
of his neck;;
and thinking w/ his dick.
but i wanted to commit;;
so either i'm not living
up to my potential or...
im just an average chick.
Peace. <3

&& even though his name is not on my lease.

he got parts of my house that are off limits to me...
like his side of MY bed.
Peace. <3

last night. :)

Peace. <3

will work 4 docs.

Peace. <3

old post. dont even rmbr who it was 4.

Hmm... still thinking.
About you.
What was never us.
What could have been...
What I thought.
We were...
or why i waste my time...
thinking about you.

Peace. <3

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lately i've been sleeping with a ghost, but baby no worries i promise to get us back...
Peace. <3

all i want is

Peace. <3
Peace. <3

peace much?

funny how i'm supposed to find peace in you.
my comfort zone...
i'm supposed to runaway from my problems.
and go into your arms.
but for some reason it's not the case.
i don't find peace.
you're not my comfort...
amd my problems stream from you.
heated arguments every night
without saying a word.
sleepless nights, i toss and turn to wake-up
like everythings alright.
it's not.

now watch me spazzz
now watch me spazzz
angryyyyyy boyssssss.
Peace. <3

My dude love me; but fuck it my heart beats slow.

Peace. <3

just one of those days...

I'm tired of playing this tough guy.
or am i even playing anymore?!
who FUCKING knows...
but i am finally alone soooo i think
i'm gonna let my emotions pour out.
through my face... when you can't
find the words. just cry.
cause i'm so bothered and irritated
and i cant exactly place my finger on
WHY! i just want peace...

don't take it personalllll
i just wanna be all aloneeeeee.
i need to take some time out
to think things throughhhh
&& i know you always feel
like im doing you wrong. :/

Peace. <3

cant sleep...

back again. to spazz. as usual. i'm wide awake. and i shouldn't be, some people are just so inconsiderate... and i really just don't understand anymore. i'm so tired. of everything. I have less than a year to start applying to nursing school and my grades aren't halfway where they need to be... i need to cut off my "social" life and go on a hiatus. just a break. grow closer to God. and just get away. from e v e r y o n e... cause i'm kind of like a bomb. waiting to ignite. and i don't want to blow up on anyone. :/ Thank you Onaome for calming me down mayneeee i uhpreeesheeate it. It's been real but i'm outchea. yeee. Goodnight && Godbless.

Peace. <3

there are really 26.7325 hours in MY day.

Sometimes I look like i'm in deep thought.
But in actuality... if that's even a word.
I misplaced my mind last monday. && I still can't seem to find it.

--these are obviously really old postttsssssss. :)
Peace. <3