Tonnybon and Treats.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Untitled .oo2

So tired of "friends"
can't live with em.
can't live with out em??
guess i'll just have to test
--out that hypothesis.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Untitled .oo1

...and sometimes it's worst than you thought.
Feels like your whole life comes crashing down in less than a second.
Get help before you go crazy.
Get help before it takes control of your life.
Get help before you become me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My hearts frozen; it don't even beat.
--Fuck everyone's apologies.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Love Story.

There is only two kinds of love stories. Boy loses girl; or girl loses boy.

--live with it.

Friday, October 10, 2008



What used to be

Dead Faith


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Do I end it?


hold it for a minute.

my emotions so struck.

i'm finna jump in front of this truck.

it's time for me to end it all.

climb up the eiffel tower

&& just let me fall.

no more him, him and she.

now my life is about me.

should i go?

do i stay...

whats the reason i ended up this way?

was him him or her?

Lord, i don't know.

but I do need a cure.

sometype of deep soul cleansing.

flash backs from my past

got me repenting.

why'd he do it?

she should have let him go...

but she had two kids.

aint wanna say no.

so he beat her.

didn't know how to treat her.

and she left.

came back... returned.

now its me, him, him and her.

should i stay or should i go.

my past was hell

but you wouldn't know.

so here i am.


between reality

and whats a fantasy.

do i live this life? or end it.

because once i'm gone

there's no more repentin.

its not easy...

am i strong enough for the struggle?

well... i forgave, cause she forgave.

but in my heart hate remains.

what i witnessed will never die.

and because he's forgiven? doesn't make it right.

but if it's over.

why isn't innocene returned in my life?

Help. 'o7

My life is twisted

I hate this shit.

You don't know me.

Though you may think you do.

Yeah... I smile.

But it's not true.

Real eyes never lie.

But mine are decieving.

My blood counts decresing.

My love for you increases.

Fuck a poem.

This is my thesis.


It's all I see; all I read.

I don't know my damn self, so I'm takin psychology.

Cause my out look doesn't match my mentality.

Am i sick or am I happy?

I have a mother but where's my daddy?

Why'd he go?

Shit, I don't know.

I write down these words, but when I speak I choke.

You think you know me?

Well you don't know SHIT

And if this is life.

Fuck it I quit.

I don't know myself...

Where's my councelor? I need help.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

lalalalalaga. :-/

Why do boys "date" without the intention of furthering the relationship?
--is furthering a word? hmmm anyways.
I don't understand how people can talk for a year... and still not be together. Are yall really that selfish? And since yall aren't official that gives space and opportunity to talk to whoever you want to... Why are dudes so afraid of a little commitment? Shit I am too, but if I think the person is worth it I'm willing to take the risk. I'm SO tired of these bull shit boys playin games... and then when someone asks me why I'm single they say don't blame that shit on the last guy.
Well Mr. the first guy was like the last guy who is most likely going to be like the next guy, which is the solemn reason why I'm not with ANY guy. There all about the same shit... we're all eighteen and up here; get a life and grow a dick. Commitment will NOT kill you; but fuckin around with 98q985948 girls will. If your so different prove that shit; oh imma real nigga... on my grown man status type shit. SHUT THE FUCK UP! All yall niggas is lames. Then wanna ask my why i'm soo mean and heartless... why else? Sooooooooooooo...

FUCK ALL YALL hoe ass nigga; I pulled this bitch and her cousin she my girl on the side cause i aint got no balls to make it official call her in the afternoon and call ol girl at night she'll never find out it was only some head she don't mean shit type niggas! && have a nice day. :)


...is sometimes just confused love.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

3 Words; 8 Letters...

He said it August 1990.
He said it in May 2006.
He said it February 2007.
&& He said it September 2008.
--and all these boys; and all these "i love you's"

...I hate you; SO much right now.

...and i can't begin to explain.

- -Torn.

I want him.
And there is no he in the world she'd prefer.
But his mind is deferred.
Maybe lost his train of thought?
But he has her heart caught.
And as much as I try and BREAK free.
The he in him has got me.
Although she's not in love...
I know her love for him is strong.
And though she's young; she's wise.
And I know her love never dies.
But he's being a boy...
And boys like girls.
But she's ready to be a woman.
and that she is I...
So under the cicrumstances
He's not man enough
--for me.
And the him is not ready for she.
But when will he...

He's the first thing on her mind.
The last thing at night...
I want him to be the joy in my life.
So I hold on; grasp tight.
To something thats NOT pulling back.
So she loses the fight.
And like the men before; he just aint right.
Yet hope remains in the back of her mind.
So she lets him go; hopefully he'll find his way.
But when he's ready... I hope it's not too late.
Cause she is patient... but I
--I can't wait.