Tonnybon and Treats.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

She's perfect.

I just want to do exciting things. Like drugs, and eat food. but i'm poor - way to poor for either. So i'll sit in my bed until my interview. 

I need a damn intervention.

Here Again.

how I end up so damn broke.
trying to be so fucking free.

"not for nothing, I’ve forseen it. I need it. I can feel it slowly drifting away from me. no more chances. if you blow this, you bogus. I will never ever let you live this down."

Power Trip

Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Hour.

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 photo DSC_1135_zpseabd2810.jpg


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 photo DSC_1091_zpsd5e5f6af.jpg photo DSC_1085_zps98b0ea50.jpg photo 8101a402-b164-412f-8a5e-899119e523ac_zpsc9246d3e.jpg 

Beaucoup Bar & Grill
3102 Old Spanish Trail, Houston, TX 77054  
(713) 747-5100

you got that shit niggas die for.

 photo 4-upon7-2-13at1042AM5_zpsf75dcd28.jpg Or.
 photo 4-upon6-21-13at938PM3_zps3ae47c20.jpg


I'm honestly to fucked up to watch that movie, so much passion... makes me feel like I caught the holy ghost! Peace, to art man. I'm so weak... my mind can never differentiate movies from real life... like i'll have nightmares after Freddie Vs. Jason

"How'd I end up in this..."

Sunday, July 7, 2013

because of the monsters under my bed...

"my last love was a savage.
i guess you can say
i've always been attracted
to danger.
infatuated by the thrill.
the villains always seem
to want to love me.
its true 
they see an innocence in me
that they lack
and wish they could get back 
so they try to destroy it
before it destroys them
because memories kill
and reminiscing is suicide
so i find myself in these
tangled webs of wanting to love
and wanting to run.
serial killers like to watch
their victims suffer
and if pain is love
than i've been smothered
but these days"