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Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011

So, i probably won't sleep tonight because I have the hugest crush. Adele's pandora station plays the best covers ever... I mean the kid went to my highschool; where was the crush then? I'm craving mashed potatoes... but there's only one person in the world who makes them the way I like. Ehh. Hive Society meeting time. xoxo


My Job is really beginning to drive me crazy, they changed my schedule AGAIN last night, && i'm just finding out I need to be at work... NOW. Who's hiring... Cause they got me thinking about setting that hoe aflame. >:O

Just a filler in a space, that happened to be free...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

the baby brother.

isn't really a baby anymore...

the best time is toilet time.

now this is a real bathroom picture. I have a picture on like every toilet ever made. haha; peace.
Cause there's is beauty in the breakdown...

Team Aquafresh.♥


Hive Society x Stackwell x Bar Crawl

"The Midtown Masters Cup & Bar Crawl" See you there. 3:oo-9:oo pm - March 12. :)
I'm losing my mind, but it's been such a slow and subtle process that it's almost too sweet to fight... my heart was stolen by less than a knight. && I used to be a soldier, but i've been stripped of those rights. Stand guard. I am losing my mind...


back from the tattoo shop.

713 does the best piercings! Number 12.♥

Friday, February 25, 2011

5:35 am - thoughts...

Most choose to get passed their past, I - choose to swim in it; drowning my prey in the liquids they weep. Poseidon. I'll use your tears for watercolors, a pool of blacks, blues, && red. Another section in my canvas, && it reads: pain is beauty in the most peculiar way; && though words are sharp so is my blade. Death is as significant as birth. Do not fuck with me. Have you ever seen a threat written so beautifully?


going to get a new piercing at eleven with the boys! excited.

the calm during the storm...

Jaleon took a candle into the bathroom... && somehow managed to lock it in there... I'm convinced he just attempted to kill me. Ahh; i love that nigga nonetheless good times tonight... hell good day!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I can't expect you to understand me

when you've yet to understand yourself.
"cause there's beauty in the break down..."

If you were going to have 8 kids, 4 girls, 4 boys, what would their names be?





sonic blast snickers melodies rain cigarettes mo-brad; walk it like a dog...

bad ass mouth. heart of gold. short tempered.

hello, my name is tonia.

Your life story in three words.

-->blood. tears. growth

What is your biggest fear right now?
--> That I lack fear, my emotions are all fucked up right now.

Your favorite childhood memory.
--> My parents divorce.

#30 day challenge .14 .16 .17 - .3oday challenge

Mo x 21


This has become an unspoken war between strangers. My anger should have been rerouted, but it hasn't. && it won't. because this, this here is the misconception of love...

this makes me happy. :)

"So remorse; he really doesn't feel any..."


drive-by shot

i drove ___'s car today. I just want to know why ONE human being would need SO many condoms in a ONE vehicle… So i confiscated them. My trashcan will look like a treasure chest tonight.

fresh air time with bradley.

much needed.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


he has these faces that he makes... like he could tell you the sky was pitch black; && even though the sun was piercing straight into your eyes you would believe him. && there is something so elicit and deadly about that.

papadeaux's turtle cheesecake.
my tummy hurts.
not from cheesecake though.
it's because i'm a big girl.
fuck yeah i'm bleeding. -_-
i hate my nose && my knees. fuck you both! fall off a cliff. && replace yourselves. with better ones. -__-

It's ok not to be ok...

tears don't mean you're losing...

How time flies...

Exactly half a year ago. August 23, 2010. On the rooftop of Avanti. Looking at the city. Looking at you. I understood that love never dies. As much as you try and hide it. Even after eight months being apart. Sickening, isn't it? I cried when we kissed that night. Mainly because after everything I did to try and forget you I somehow ended up right back in your arms. I tried to go home and pretend it was all a dream. But when I got out of the shower I had a missed call, and it was you. No regrets.
Happy Anniversary...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


i'm getting sleepy.

no lie, this no twitter no fb shit is hard. i grab my phone during the day && i'm like well shit... there's nothing for me to do here. -_-

i don't like Red Lobsters bread. I never did. Never will.

She packed my lunch this morning...

because I wouldn't eat breakfast, && she wrote me a note. I'm convinced she thinks i'm five.

I need a psychiatrist && a punching bag...

Trying to erase names that have become way too familiar in my vocabulary...

Monday, February 21, 2011

en route to the movies.


i've been screaming how bad I've wanted to see these two movies. finally someone listened. i look like i have elf ears. :) peace. x
fuck yes, two new tattoos with Damini this weekend. geeked. x

Tears don't mean you're losing...

Define: Pistanthrophobia