Tonnybon and Treats.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Untitled .oo6

She lie there shaking
from her overdose on cocaine
her life was too hard
so she couldn't take the pain
she snorted up the white drug
and relaxed; as her nose stung.
tears poured from her eyes

--a reflection of her heart
she steadily grabbed the knife
and slowly began to carve
she carved love
she carved hate
and in the middle was his name
on the floor was a blood stain...
her eyes had ran out of tears
so her extraction was the substitute
the hurt was more than she could bare
she needed something else to do

flash backs of him raping her
was slowly killing her
so she decided to finish off the job...
went in her drawer and reached for her glock
ice cold to her finger tips
warm liquids flushed her face
as she slowly parted her lips
pushed the weapon in
and put her life to an end

but the cycle wasn't broken
she was loved though it was unspoken
and at the sight of her death
her sister took her last breath
with the same apparatus
and their moms heart was damaged
so she took a rope and ended it
but the cycle was still just beginning...