Tonnybon and Treats.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


He says i'm bragging that i'm "over" him.
I'm just happy that my heart didn't win.
Sometimes with love you do crazy things...
and i fell
and just kept falling.
with no one to catch me
no one to hold me
no one to rescue this broken heart.
I should have known from the start.
Cause he was my smile...
he was my frown; never make a dude your "everything"
because when they're gone your left with nothing.
but i'm left with no regrets.
he was the lighter to my cigarette
so i went ahead and got a Nicotine patch
recoverd my heart; and tightened the latch. :)

hahaha i wrote this in like 5 seconds, just had to get my feelings out. :)
--maybe i'll make it real later.