Tonnybon and Treats.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

She wasn't her...

The earthquake hit her heart.
and it was torn into pieces.
her love dissappears
as her hate increases...
she was left with a scar.
her emotions were torn apart.
she vowed to keep her heart away
as she learned how to "play the game"

her hurt retreated
so she defeated
the undefeated
she cheated
then beat it.
got another dude
and reapeat it.

then she changed;
cause you came along

--and your kindness
healed the contusion
patched up her hurt
and erased the confusion
removed her insecurities
and filled the missing pieces

you were her
--comfort zone
with you she...
--never felt alone

the other girl
which wasn't she
came back
&& re-captured your heart
and the pain deepend the cracks
and now i... i mean she
is right back
to where she used to be

not weak and confused
but torn and re-bruised

this is old too. december 2nd. just never posted cause it sucks.