Tonnybon and Treats.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Do I end it?


hold it for a minute.

my emotions so struck.

i'm finna jump in front of this truck.

it's time for me to end it all.

climb up the eiffel tower

&& just let me fall.

no more him, him and she.

now my life is about me.

should i go?

do i stay...

whats the reason i ended up this way?

was him him or her?

Lord, i don't know.

but I do need a cure.

sometype of deep soul cleansing.

flash backs from my past

got me repenting.

why'd he do it?

she should have let him go...

but she had two kids.

aint wanna say no.

so he beat her.

didn't know how to treat her.

and she left.

came back... returned.

now its me, him, him and her.

should i stay or should i go.

my past was hell

but you wouldn't know.

so here i am.


between reality

and whats a fantasy.

do i live this life? or end it.

because once i'm gone

there's no more repentin.

its not easy...

am i strong enough for the struggle?

well... i forgave, cause she forgave.

but in my heart hate remains.

what i witnessed will never die.

and because he's forgiven? doesn't make it right.

but if it's over.

why isn't innocene returned in my life?