Tonnybon and Treats.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

- -Torn.

I want him.
And there is no he in the world she'd prefer.
But his mind is deferred.
Maybe lost his train of thought?
But he has her heart caught.
And as much as I try and BREAK free.
The he in him has got me.
Although she's not in love...
I know her love for him is strong.
And though she's young; she's wise.
And I know her love never dies.
But he's being a boy...
And boys like girls.
But she's ready to be a woman.
and that she is I...
So under the cicrumstances
He's not man enough
--for me.
And the him is not ready for she.
But when will he...

He's the first thing on her mind.
The last thing at night...
I want him to be the joy in my life.
So I hold on; grasp tight.
To something thats NOT pulling back.
So she loses the fight.
And like the men before; he just aint right.
Yet hope remains in the back of her mind.
So she lets him go; hopefully he'll find his way.
But when he's ready... I hope it's not too late.
Cause she is patient... but I
--I can't wait.