Tonnybon and Treats.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Secret Ingredient.

I put crack in my brownies; or well @ least they taste like i do. :)

Putting the crack brownies aside... I went to some Chinese restaurant with the parentals. It was horrible. Never go. It was Fung's Kitchen or something.

*I'm not gonna lie; that crab kinda looks pretty... but to look @ not to eat.* Silly me, I forgot to take my camera with me so I used my phone && I have a G1 so the quality is not that good. BUT they rolled out a live crab && lobster to us. The lobster cost $16o.oo && the "Alaskan Crab" cost $21o.oo idk WHAT they got going on over there but NEVER again. I did eat their rice which wasn't that bad... but I didn't taste anything else. I mean they put the head right in the middle of the table. UGH i wanted to cry. :/ but my parents && grandma looked satisfied. I'm also pretty sure I saw every asian doctor && dentist in houston there.

FORTUNE: a new adventure awaits you this weekend,-- i'm excited! lol... You were born to be a leader not a follower -- that i am. :) Know and believe in yourself, && what others think won't disturb you -- it already doesn't pimpin, :) YES i ate three fortune cookies... shidd it was practically the only thing i wanted to eat. :/

Peace. <3