Tonnybon and Treats.

Friday, September 25, 2009

cant sleep...

back again. to spazz. as usual. i'm wide awake. and i shouldn't be, some people are just so inconsiderate... and i really just don't understand anymore. i'm so tired. of everything. I have less than a year to start applying to nursing school and my grades aren't halfway where they need to be... i need to cut off my "social" life and go on a hiatus. just a break. grow closer to God. and just get away. from e v e r y o n e... cause i'm kind of like a bomb. waiting to ignite. and i don't want to blow up on anyone. :/ Thank you Onaome for calming me down mayneeee i uhpreeesheeate it. It's been real but i'm outchea. yeee. Goodnight && Godbless.

Peace. <3