Tonnybon and Treats.

Monday, April 21, 2014

free writing bull shit.

miss me until your bones ache.
and your heart hurts.
and your brain can’t form thoughts
without thinking of me.
miss me until you hurt.
until your eyes swell up with tears.
and your pride keeps them there.
until your throat chokes from the taste of me.
and never tasting me.
miss me until your fingers become numb
longing for the spaces between mine
miss me until a picture of me appears
when someone says happiness;
knowing that you will never find another.
miss me until you know how it feels to be intruded.
until you can’t sleep without me.
until your soul hurts, and your body aches
miss me into withdrawals.
into cold sweats
into anger
into pain
into confusion

miss me until our past takes over your present.
forget how happiness feels.

miss me until you hate yourself.
and fucking stay there.