Tonnybon and Treats.

Friday, July 13, 2012

I am awake.
I shouldn't be.
I am undeniably tired...
I have this new thing,
where I feel like i'm a math genius.
I'm not. far from it.
I guess i'm just one of the few people
who still does basic math without a calculator.
I miss being in school...
I want to hug and hold every pathetic cold desk.
I yearn for a diploma in my hand; so i can finally say
im done.
I think?
Well, then move on to have some babies...
I'd probably have to be in a relationship for that huh?
*attention goes back to being in school*
i'm broke... I wonder how i'll even pay for classes.
guess i'll get there when I get there. I should not be awake.
I am definitely exhausted. & draining my body.
Humans are weak as fuck.
It's quite disappointing... here I go rambling again.
I should be in the shower now. Bye.