Tonnybon and Treats.

Monday, May 21, 2012

he's like cotton candy

....and lollipops, and those huge jawbreakers with the gum ball inside.
He's like those awesome inked pens...
that trick you into thinking your handwriting looks good when it really doesn't.
Like rain, like your first kiss... like your first crush,
like watching the sun come up; or even watching the sun come down.
Like spiders, and june bugs, and roaches; and all the other shit that makes you jump.
Like your first heart break...
frustration. Like trigonometry to an English major.
He's like the beginning.
and every other week it seems to be the end...
...like do you really have the ability to make my heart beat again?
Like peanut butter brittle... while you're so fucking hard; damn you're so sweet.
Like getting an A on a test you didn't study for...
Like finding 5 dollars in an old pair of jeans...
Like switching over to Geico.
He's a strangers smile.
He's your elementary school diploma. (at least that's the only one I ever gave a fuck about)
He's like breakfast. The reason I wake up fullfilled every morning,
I thank El Shaddai for allowing me to fall asleep in your arms.
He's like; baked potatoes with everything on it.
He's waking up from the itis... and falling asleep to your favorite song.
He's learning. and trials. and stress. and happiness. and anger. and happiness all over again.
He's growth. He's understanding. He's a push of faith.
He is patient; and i require so much.
He is now.