Tonnybon and Treats.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I don’t force anything. I’d rather not waste my energy working for something when it won’t work for me.

"I’ve sat back & observed, and even taken part in a relationship that consumes so much energy just to be maintained. I’d rather be with someone that is content with just being.

Growth is always good. & you’ll always have to work on yourself. But who does it benefit when you’re the only one working? & furthermore.. what’s the basis if your partner isn’t ready for it? I’ve loved with my eyes wide shut my entire life, but all my senses are alert. I see the disregard. I hear the silence. I feel the disconnection. I smell the lies. & I can taste the difference. You can never get the energy you used trying to “fix” things back. So don’t start fixing. Start seeing. Listening. Learning. Growing. & things should mend themselves. Without that, you’re stagnant. & what you’ve tried to build will crumble in heartbreak."