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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

rest in paradise, love.

"There is a tremendous appearance that law enforcement acted to shield Jorge Zimmerman from arrest. One can not tell the level at which the desire to shield him from arrest originated, i.e. it might not have been the police, it might have been the DA/State's Attorney. Notice that Jorge's father keeps feeding excuses for his son to the public, but does not detail how Trayvon supposedly threatened Jorge. As Trayvon was walking and Jorge was in a car, what are we supposed to believe? That Trayvon made so deadly a threat against Jorge from outside the car, that Jorge had no self-defense option other than to get out of the car and shoot Trayvon dead? Jorge's father should stop running his mouth in public. And somebody above the level of the State's Attorney should be investigating both Trayvon's death and the behavior of the local police and the State's Attorney."