Tonnybon and Treats.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

This tuesday.

F*#$! Saint Danes. I am completely over their "Taco Tuesdays" me and babe have been going there for months, and the rules have continued to change. If it's dollar tacos, that's exactly what it should be... tacos for a dollar. Now you have to buy two alcoholic beverages per person before you can obtain your dollar tacos... In me and the dudes case that means we have to spend at least $20.oo before we order our food... So, for now that's a no go. This week me, him and Melissa went to another restaurant and I almost passed out from eating too much. The itis struck tough, but it was nice and something different for Tuesdays. Great food, service and atmosphere.

The Fish and Sushi Bar
309 Gray st. Houston Tx. 77002
(713) 526-5294