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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Last Call...

Of course, another restaurant post. I know y'all are sick of it by now, but me and my friend George decided to go to dinner tonight && hit up a place I haven't been to in a couple years! (Their prices being the main reason) Either way it was an awesome experience once again, great atmosphere. It never fails, you never think you're going to be full with their portions... but we did do the four course meal, and both left satisfied! He could barely touch the dessert. None the less we enjoyed everything and it was a good time... All these places are making up for the void Taco Tuesdays has left in my heart. It'll probably another year before I dine in here again, but two thumbs up... even down to the waiter.♥
The Melting Pot
6100 Westheimer Road Houston, Tx 77057
(713) 532-5011