Tonnybon and Treats.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

today has been, one of those super retarded days that just puts itself together. I've had a toothache all day. blah, my tooth fell out tonight. not the tooth that was hurting though. que?! yeah I know. I call my mom and tell her, she laughs and says we'll fix it. yes it's very visible. my smile is too awesome for this shit. >:O Work. Sleep. Chachos w/ Mel. The Hilton. Saw the real first boyfriend I ever had. It's amazing what you "settle" for. Anywho... afterwards me and mel got into some shit we shouldn't be getting into.. but whatever. all fun and games. it's always weird when you're single... but like you're not... but you very much are. ya know? anywho... long day.. y'all sleep easy. P.s I saw my Mo Mo man! Good day. Goodnight.♥