Tonnybon and Treats.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


i guess i posted this a while ago, && faith just re-posted it on her blog... but my feelings haven't changed...

"tonight i won't open up the notepad in my phone and pour out my confusion for you. nor will i cry. i won't even toss and turn tonight. i've done all of that. instead i'll sleep... in peace, wake-up go to work && continue on with my day. I won't let your drunken texts worry me nor will I be sad from the mistakes you've chosen to make. I will no longer let your burdens weigh me down. In fact, I may even eat breakfast tomorrow. I will smile && appreciate myself in ways that you couldn't begin to. Because unlike you I understand what love is... && i won't be entangled by your insecurities and confusion any longer. have fun love. have fun."

aint shit changed. "sucks to be you right now..."