Tonnybon and Treats.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Never say never?

Watching history repeat itself... almost like we got a second chance to go back and fix things; but it's one of those... you can never change the past. And any little slip up is detrimental. Ya know? I see you... and hear you; there's so much friction in this room - yet I still don't feel you. She felt you. You felt me, oh how we believe the undeserving. Am I rambling? I am hurting; but it feels so good. You wouldn't understand...because I don't. Erase eight months. I can't. Wait we did. alzheimer's maybe? but I won't forget baby... that shit lingers - it even stings. still. some wounds don't heal. completely I guess... i've never sold my soul so I don't even see what the problem is. The problem's his. You're in love with... the he that's in love with me, i'm confused. it's 2:02 and I can't help but watch you sleep... Fairy tales don't always have a happy ending - but for some reason we've been granted the chance to fix shit. I've got my head phones on... finally tuning everyone out. Where's my paper and pen? Scratch that, let's do this physically. I'm willing if you're willing. Is you ready B?