Tonnybon and Treats.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Mrs. butters worth had been pouring your heart away
My loving nerves had been starved for days
Your fabled maple has further worth than a vault of chardonnay
And for what its worth I'd give you my heart on a plate
As long as you'd be willing to stay
For eons she eluded me like an MJ fadeaway
I came close to finding her likeness but found only Hardaways
I stand before you clean and yet stained
I am vexed by the pain
But anxious to say
Would you lay with me babe
Complex? I say nay
Loves waves wash away the pain
But only have an evanescent stay
Idle time only begets tidal shame
My abacus collects the collapsing faith
But you have come and saved my days
And you could never be a bother babe

I was lonely at sea, a living archipelago
Mold me did she, shift me like some play-doh
Shorty's too sweet, and always down for some privy play tho
Her love warms me like the sun rays glow

My girl's got more brains than tracks in her mane
She's cleaner than some jays without a stain
She may be a queen but she puts me back in line if I stray
I love when you kiss me on the nose, your so silly babe
Now come here and let me wrap you in my arms, lets lay
Matter of fact, lets get away like stray on a straight away