Tonnybon and Treats.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

no internet.

Heyy my Lovelies! :)
A GIRL gave me a compliment today.
Now how sweet is that?!
I will be returning the love and complimenting
People all day today!!
Ya'ay. :)
--for not being a jealous whore!
I'm in computer class right now.
My teacher is 103 years old. Or so he looks.
I get my hair done today!!! :)
Behbby SUCKS! I disowned him.
I'm wearing my buc-ee's shirt today &&
Red high-top chucks. Wish I could upload pics. :(
Internet && Cable comes on the 1st! Whoop.
I'll put up some pics while I get my hair done!
Xoxo. -An'tonia.
Peace. <3