Tonnybon and Treats.

Monday, June 29, 2009


The man who birthed me called today screaming some nonsense.
Talking about you didn't call me to wish me a Happy Fathers Day.
Well... B*$%! I'm NOT happy your my father. UGH! I didn't even know what else to say so I gave my Mom the phone. I continuously try and make excuses for him; but I can't.
The mans just an idiot.

"I want you to be a father
[we're your kids] and you don't even bother

Like "brother" without the R
And [we're] starting to harbor Cool and food for thought But for you [we're some] starvers... Now I ain't asking you for money or to come back to me some days it ain't sunny but it ain't so hard just breaks my heart... You see what [they] problem is? [They]don't know where they poppa is No positive male role model
To play football and build railroad models
It's making a hole you've been digging it
Cause you ain't been kicking it...

When I try to provide they say 'Mommy that ain't your job'
To be a man, I try to make em understand that I'm their number one fan
But its like they're born from the stands
You know the world is out to get em, so why don't you give em a chance?"

-Lupe Fiasco

Peace. <3