Tonnybon and Treats.

Monday, August 31, 2009

&& I'll be alright; just not tonight...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

So, this dude said...

"You're confusing intriguing annoying attractive funny and an asshole. All at the same time."
--best compliment i've ever received. in my whole life.♥

Peace. <3

i had 3 waffles 4 breakfast. :)

found some weird/cool shirt in my mommas closetttt. so i decided to wear it. :)
Peace. <3

lets find the perfect place to get lost.♥

So i got the perfect idea for a hairstyle!
ya'ay. :)
i would post pictures of how i want it...
but then someone might get it before me.
&& that would be a BUMMER!
todays been a really good day for me.
@ my home in sugarland.
i ran downstairs && started dancing
in the mirror. like i was 8. :)
the cable in my apartment comes on
in two more days!
p.s i really did like you...

ehhh i look cock-eyed den a beeech. oh wells. :)

Peace. <3

Trailor for I Am Sam.

Peace. <3

i am sam.

This shit has got me balling.
Wtf?! I don't cry...
Well actually movies do be gettin to me.
But danggg. I feel like someone died.
If you haven't seen it.
Watch it.
George lopez commercial.
Ehhhhh its back! Omg. Adios guys.
Peace. <3

Saturday, August 29, 2009

boy i got soooo.

boy i got so many;;
TEXT! :)

i dont remember the last time my phone has got this much action.
sad. i know.
but i've been texting ALL day.
it's pretty exciting mayneee.
blurr 4 the nosies. :/
oh wells. im out now.
goodnight guys. xoxo.
Peace. <3

Happy Birthday Michael.♥

Peace. <3

back home back home back home. :)

i've been depriving you guys of pretty things.
but i'm back home.
soooooo feast your eyes. :)
sorry it's been so long.
i love you guys!

Peace. <3

follow these pages snitches!




Peace. <3

BUC-EE'S all in ya moufffff.♥

Peace. <3

doc what??? baby these boots.

Peace. <3


Peace. <3


So I had a crush on this dude.
&& I didn't even know he knew I existed.
Turns out...
Y'all know the rest. :)
I'm going home today. Maybe I'll post my life.
Still no internet in my apartment. :/
Peace. <3

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sammie Lee Bush Jr.

Born in 87.
How old is that?

Peace. <3

wife woman friend.

Peace. <3

money over bitches.

Peace. <3

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

no internet.

Heyy my Lovelies! :)
A GIRL gave me a compliment today.
Now how sweet is that?!
I will be returning the love and complimenting
People all day today!!
Ya'ay. :)
--for not being a jealous whore!
I'm in computer class right now.
My teacher is 103 years old. Or so he looks.
I get my hair done today!!! :)
Behbby SUCKS! I disowned him.
I'm wearing my buc-ee's shirt today &&
Red high-top chucks. Wish I could upload pics. :(
Internet && Cable comes on the 1st! Whoop.
I'll put up some pics while I get my hair done!
Xoxo. -An'tonia.
Peace. <3

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mechad Brooks.

wtf?! is this real?! umm. amazing.

Peace. <3

Monday, August 24, 2009